Fashion Forward Home Design With Timeless Elegance

Fashion Forward Home Design With Timeless Elegance

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The F-house is a 590 square metre home for a young family in Minsk, Belarus, designed and visualised by LEVEL80 Architects. With the owners being engaged in the fashion industry, the interior was designed to be stylishly in-vogue with timeless elegance. Cutting edge designer furniture fills the pragmatic and spacious interior. Sophisticated red-brown accents come together with black, white and shades of grey to build a luxurious interior palette that is restful yet crisply defined. Natural wood, stone, glass and metal meld easily and age beautifully together. Enormous expanses of windows allow the landscape and changing seasons to become a main player in the flowing collection of inner spaces.

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A magnificent two-level luxury living room stands at the heart of the home, furnished with designer lounge furniture in soft grey, and earthy red-brown scatter cushions. At the top of a glass sided staircase, a home library climbs the wall of a mezzanine landing. The stair treads, mezzanine siding and bookshelves all match together in the same visually warming wood tone, which is offset sharply with crisp black elements.

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Moving to the other side of the staircase that cuts through the centre of the open plan living space, there is a dining kitchen with a formal air. A ten place dining set stretches out beneath a long installation of unique dining room pendant lights.

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A kitchen island stands just past the dining table; bespoke storage slots are bedded into its countertop to hold plates and items that serve the table.

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Wood effect panelling clads the wall leading directly off the kitchen diner. The first door leads into the home office. The double doors that follow give entry to a walk in wardrobe, which is located next to the front door to conveniently house outerwear. A unique ottoman spans the space between the doors, beneath a sleek mirror.

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A modern wall sconce brightens the end of the long hallway, whilst LED strip lights glow gently along the edge of the ceiling. Plentiful windows bring the outside in, but black walls and ceiling paint absorb much of the daylight.

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The house architecture is built in a T-shape arrangement, with a spa forming the vertical stem. It’s this single story wing that houses an indoor swimming pool. Massive windows amalgamate the pool with the garden on one side.

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Up on the mezzanine library there is a comfortable modern chaise and small side table – the ideal spot to set down a coffee, kick back and read.

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The library acts as a buffer zone between the dual story living room and the bedrooms. The decor in the guest bedroom continues along the path of bole coloured accents, with coordinated curtains and rug. Two white bedside table lamps stand out brightly against a dark grey accent wall.

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A dressing table is positioned to take advantage of natural light over by the windows. Its integrated mirror and accessories shelf keep all elements looking neat and tidy, and welcoming for guests.

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The wardrobes that run alongside the vanity table are elevated above floor level to give them a lightweight aesthetic and a feeling of increased floor space. Wall art brings all of the different hues in the room together in geometric pattern.

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The next double bedroom is the master bedroom, which has its own ensuite bathroom and a walk in wardrobe.

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High ceilings, big windows and a light palette create a divine sense of spaciousness.

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Organised shelves and hanging rails are backed with smooth wood paneling.

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The red clay hues disappear in the child’s room, replaced by accents of deep muted green. The highest of the kids’ beds has been utilised as a sitting area instead of a sleeping bunk.

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More bookshelves make up a large part of the home office decor.

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Since the home office neighbours the living room/kitchen diner, special attention was given to creating a level of quiet, resulting in some of the walls being treated with soundproof panels.

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A horizontal wall mirror hung opposite the vanity mirror creates an infinity effect in the reflection.

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The shower room is designed like a wet room, with no cubicle base tray to disrupt the smooth tile floor.

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Stylish storage options furnish the spa wash room. A low storage bench doubles as a seat, whereas the towel storage wall can be folded away flat as decor.

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The wash area is adjoined to a massage room.

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Light sage green tiles colour the serene decor.

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White LEDs glow around the perimeter of a sauna.

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Back up in the master suite, the ensuite bathroom is coloured in chestnut and cinnamon.

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White cube basins and a white modern freestanding bath sit cleanly in the earthy scheme.

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Green plants trail from a planter mounted onto the shower screen.

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A powder room, situated between the spa and the living room, is clad in a pretty burgundy glazed tile.

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The tiles create a lacy border by the ceiling line.

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Perspective drawing.

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Interior perspective drawing.

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Ground floor plan.

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First floor plan, showing the situation of the mezzanine library, bedrooms and upstairs bathrooms.

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