Unique Interiors Enlivened With Multicolour Decor

Unique Interiors Enlivened With Multicolour Decor

We’re excited to introduce two very unique modern home interiors, each buzzing with colour, crazy creativity, and lots of light. Home number one is a modern Spanish apartment that has been reconfigured to adjoin all of its living spaces in a continually adjustable arrangement. Colour enlivens and unites the new fluid layout, creating upbeat energy and heat. The second tour is a whimsical and somewhat surrealist concept that includes two alternatives for each room design. Get set for fierce monochrome pattern, clashing upholsteries, wild area rugs, and riotous accessories.

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  • Architect: gon architects Ana Torres
Travelling first to a 124 square metre bachelor apartment in the Malasaña district of Madrid, we explore a reconfigured interior. Rooms have been reestablished with greater dimension and continuity of parts. Flow was created between domestic actions of cooking, eating, relaxing, sleeping, connecting, working, and self care by opening up walls and building unity of colour. The living room is enlivened with primary colours; blue and yellow scatter cushions, a yellow rug, and a vibrant red Eames molded plywood chair.

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An indoor plant gives the workspace a homey attribute. A freestanding white TV set faces the single standing Eames chair, beaming out across a multi colored area rug.

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A red floor lamp and red coated steel joists relate with the accent chair.

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The most notable characteristic of the flat is its linear 21 metre length. Public and private areas have been redesigned to enable constant reconfigurion according to the needs of the owner. An oval dining table furnishes the central dining room, its curvaceous outline facilitating the fluidity of the layout.

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An electric blue kitchen is combined with a coordinated angular paint effect, which plays with perspective and scale. A mirror plated kitchen island reflects a yellow dining chair at a table for two. A green pendant light completes the colour trio.

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As demonstrated in the kitchen, the room corners of this home are experimental spaces where angle, colour and lighting transform. They are a place where an action takes place. In the bedroom, red tile encases a corner reading space and a plethora of indoor plants.

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A perforated screen builds up a small hallway.

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The red tiled section creates a room within a room.

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A frameless mirror reflects the reading corner and natural light.

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The bedroom chair is finished in green to match its leafy companions.

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The screened hallway leads to an ensuite bathroom.

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Yellow tiles shine a bright welcome.

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Light permeable screening brings daylight into a frameless shower enclosure.

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Section drawing.

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Floor plan.

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Perspective drawing.

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  • Visualizer: Art Group by Vasilkova Daria
This unusual interior is fashioned like a surrealist palace, where pink ceiling arches are installed to drip colour rich pendants. A riot of monochrome pattern spikes behind a blue splashed sofa, a striking blue rug, and contrasting square coffee tables.

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Bright vases are interspersed among the junctions.

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The colour collection expands as we look towards the kitchen diner.

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Plush purple dining chairs pull up at an emerald green kitchen island, in front of a green and monochrome kitchen run. Polished purple tiles pattern the floor.

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This is an alternative concept for the living room. This time the feature wall is decorated with 3D fluid shapes. A curvy green sette continues the freeform fluidity, next to a colour block blue lounge chair. The unique rug brings green and blue accents together, along with the organic shape theme, all in one piece.

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This concept switches out the purple dining chairs for a set of soft pink swivel bar stools, and seats them at a smooth wooden island.

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An oversized terrazzo-like pattern scatters across the floor, its coloured ‘chips’ patterned with stripes and sprinkles. Mirror panels double the space and impact of the whimsical tile.

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The first bedroom we come to has a lofted bed so that the rest of the space can be fashioned like a separate lounge. A blue sofa stretches across a half height green panel below the bunk.

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The alternative design for this room switches out the blue couch for a tufted mint green counterpart, and extends the green wall panel all the way up to and over the ceiling length. The previous white bed bunk and ladders is now coated in blue. See more ideas for kids’ beds.

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An optical illusion bookshelf rests against a wall teeming with stripes of blue, white and chartreuse tile.

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Colour-blocks add interest to fitted closets.

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The master bedroom is a pink, blue and gold combo, with colour coordinated edison light bulbs and electrical wires. Pink tasselled wall sconces light the headboard, whilst an end of bed bench draws the blush accent to the other side of the room. Silvery curtains pull a screen around a dressing area.

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A floating vanity occupies the opposite wall.

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The alternative master bedroom design includes the same pink tassel wall sconces but replaces the seat at the end of the bed with a more conservative pink ottoman.

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The curtain between the bed and dressing area has been replaced with a sculptural shelving installation.

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Colourful elements creep into every corner and nook.

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Sweet pink bathroom fixtures and accessories offset a heavyweight monochrome floor.

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Psychedelic tiles carve out a mind-bending bathroom vanity area.

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Blue shower shelves accent a black and white pinstriped shower enclosure.

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