4 Apartments That Absolutely Nail The Grey Shade

4 Apartments That Absolutely Nail The Grey Shade

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Grey decor has never been so popular. As far as neutral shades go, grey reins supreme right now as a seriously chic and mature choice for homes big and small, from modest to amazing. Grey provides the ideal backdrop for a brighter splash of colour, or can be used as a stand alone shade. These four gorgeous home interiors have a combination of these two approaches. They also couple smooth shades of grey with textured pieces and natural elements for a varied visual, with lighting schemes that add drama and focus attention on special features. Many think of grey as a cold shade, but in these homes it is warm, welcoming and simply gorgeous.

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  • Visualizer: Z Design
This living room is like a dark grey cocoon of cosiness. It is an open plan room where the kitchen runs straight into the dining space and on into the lounge area. Despite the multiple uses of the room, the space feels completely calm and cohesive thanks to one serene colour choice.

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A grid of hundreds of niches make up the tv wall decor and a feature wall by the dining spot. Mood lighting creates interesting light and shade over the installation.

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The minimalist living room contains a super smooth sofas that are reminiscent of huge grey pebbles. A subtly textured rug adds dimension underfoot, beneath a low level white coffee table.

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The dining set is made up of a wooden table and dining benches which bring a beautiful gentle warmth to the whole scheme. A couple of white dining chairs lighten up the set at the head and foot of the table.

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A slimline linear suspension light illuminates the eating spot without drawing any attention to itself.

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The razor edge of the suspension light almost disappears in front of the light kitchen.

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Inside a grey bedroom, the warm glow of an LED strip light cuts the headboard wall in half.

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  • Visualizer: 88 Design Studio
This living room dining room combo illustrates how to use a statement colour against a grey backdrop without overpowering it. This dusky pink shade tends to tone with the grey rather than cancel it out.

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Beige has also been introduced to add lighter notes to the room, in the sofa upholstery and a modern area rug.

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Raw concrete tv wall decor helps balance out the sweetness of the pink notes. A grey console unit sits beneath the wall mounted tv, blending in with its backdrop.

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Above the sofa, a set of pink and grey shelves have been recessed into a nook. LEDs light the shelves. A swing arm wall lamp extends as a reading light over the sofa.

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Framed mirrors have been given the dusky pink treatment in the dining area. The mirrored glass helps the room feel bigger too.

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Grey marbled floor tiles run the length of the hallway, where grey closets line the walls.

  • 16 |
Dusky pink base units and wooden wall cabinets make up the kitchen.

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The L-shaped kitchen also contains a concrete breakfast bar, which is positioned to divide the kitchen from the lounge and formal dining area.

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A red plant provides further contrasting colour at the other side of a monochrome area rug.

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Padded seats top a dining bench at the breakfast bar.

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A reading nook has been fashioned along the window wall. A wooden bench supports green seat cushions to lounge on.

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A low grey console unit equips the tv wall, which divides the main living room from the bedroom.

  • 23 |
The glass wall bedroom allows an unobstructed visual flow, and maximises the sense of space in compact living quarters.

  • 24 |
Inside the bedroom the decor is ethereal. An all white bed set, throw, rug and feature wall add up to a clean and calming space.

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However, the closets and a chest of drawers bring charcoal grey base notes to the light and airy ensemble.

  • 27 |
Tree stump coffee tables nestle as a trio in front of a light grey couch.

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The modern sofa is a sectional design which has been arranged in a U-shape to hug the lounge space, and keep the kitchen diner separate.

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Stone clad tv wall decor reaches up to the rafters.

  • 30 |
Gold statuettes decorate the console unit.

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Seating has been arranged around a fireplace to create a cosy snug.

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A live edge dining table and brown dining chairs make up an earthy set.

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The run of modern grey kitchen units pause at the centre of the wall, where a large window looks onto rolling green fields.

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Lampshades are suspended from branches to make the rustic chandelier.

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Black tableware suits the heavy rustic charm of the table.

  • 39 |
Sculptural art plays on the peaceful theme of the decor scheme that lies within the home.

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The home layout plan better shows the location of the pink stools and sculpture plinth in the home entryway. We can see the two stools here next to a small sofa by the entry door.

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