Black Decor With Colourful Accents

Black Decor With Colourful Accents

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A lofty dual story living room forms the core of this modern home, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Designed by MirrorR Studio, the 270 square metre house is has a decor scheme based in black, though the interior seems anything but dark. Massive windows pull in towering levels of light, crashing over a handful of colourful accent pieces that lead us on a journey through room to room. Dark green, and yellow furniture and soft furnishings bring moments of light relief in amongst deeply sophisticated black mottled marble and concrete. Smooth wood grain spans ceiling expanses and bespoke installations, with texture tipping the edges in rustic ruddy tiling.

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Bang in the heart of the home, an impressive double height living room is set beneath an enormous modern pendant light. A grey sectional sofa has been brightly dressed with yellow throw cushions. A few blue pillows beef up the scheme, matching the blue trims on nearby accent chairs.

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The circular shaped lights of the modern chandelier are echoed in a set of round coffee tables in the centre of the lounge space. A round ceiling mounted fireplace is suspended in the open space at the end of the living room, making it a focal point and heat source for both the lounge and the neighbouring kitchen diner.

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The same shape theme continues in the black side table by the sofa, which features circle cutouts in its legs.

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The mirrored sides of the coffee table and small side table reflect the texture of the light area rug beneath. The rug acts as an island under the sofas and occasional tables, and anchors the lounge in place in the large open plan living space.

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Over in the dining area, the dining chairs are a combination of yellow and deep green colourways. The rectangular table stands neutral in white.

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The white dining table and mixed colour chairs stand out against a black floor and charcoal window drapes. White globe lights match the sheer privacy voiles at the windows, and the white walls around the light table.

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The open plan kitchen appears welcoming, decked out in units with a light wood tone. Rustic textured tiling makes a ruddy coloured feature of an extraction unit over the central kitchen island.

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Cork mats and an attractive decanter decorate the dining table.

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Mottled black marble covers the countertops and backsplash, and black appliances match the black concrete floor.

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Four dark green bar stools line up along the peninsular to offer a more casual dining spot, or where one can be sociable with the chef.

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The backsplash has been overlaid with a series of shallow open shelving units and rails that provide an attractive storage solution for a collection of spice jars, small pieces of crockery and a set of wine glasses.

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A nearby wall is clad in matching black marble.

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The master bedroom holds a continuation of the black and wood decor scheme found in the open plan living areas, though in here the accent colours are much fresher. Minty green bed linen is mixed with light grey pieces, and golden accessories enrich the look.

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Treetop views paint one wall of the bedroom in natural hues of leafy green and woody brown.

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A geometric bedroom pendant light is suspended low over a white side table. The linear white glow of an LED strip light lines the top of an extended length headboard, which runs the entire width of the bedroom.

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The contemporary bed has no footboard so as to leave the large window view unobstructed. A low table makes a nice end point at the foot of the bed instead, and provides a nice spot on which to stack volumes for bedtime reading.

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A large swing arm wall lamp extends from awkward corner between two windows, casting light from its globe shade over a set of bedroom chairs and a small coffee table. A second seating area comprising of two chairs and a table is set out on a private balcony beyond the window glass. The outdoor mini lounge nestles secretively in the shrouding trees.

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The tiles used to cover the extraction unit over the kitchen peninsula make a comeback in the bathroom. This time the ruddy coloured tile forms a unique vanity backsplash. A chrome faucet is wall mounted over a surface mounted basin, on a light wood vanity unit. Rolled towels are stored neatly beneath the sink. Tall black tiling surrounds a black and white enamelled bathtub, which is stood on a pebble floor made up of black, white and yellow stones.

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White LED lighting accentuates a veined black marble staircase, finished with a glass balustrade. At the turn of the stairs, a tall picture window brings in more treetop views, a showpiece of living botanical art.

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Black concrete flooring complements the black marble treads and risers.

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The devil is in the detail: black sockets and switches tie in with the black decor throughout the home, and the hallway receives the same finishing touches. The hall wall is a series of light wood storage units and wood cladding.

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A floor to ceiling mirror is fixed by the door, beside a modern freestanding coat rack. A black leather chair stands at the opposite side. Black window and door frames are a common theme throughout the house, keeping up with the dark modern edge of the home.

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