Verdant Vertical Gardens Bring Beauty Indoors

Verdant Vertical Gardens Bring Beauty Indoors

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Supporting the environment and natural beauty is one thing when you are laying on the beach watching the waves lap onto the shore or when you are high atop a mountain surveying the land below. In your house or apartment, nature can be a bit of a tricky beast. After all, while your dog might be more than welcome in your bed, any other critter from outside would be an infestation. So how can you make your home more nature-friendly while still protecting its sanctity and design? Try a vertical garden. These walls planted with greenery are not just beautiful with their vibrant leaves, but they also serve as natural air filters by breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out pure, fresh oxygen. Lets take a look.

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  • Architect: Pavel Vetrov
In this first home, one wall in the kitchen, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, is covered in plants. In an otherwise neutral toned open home that utilizes gray, white, brown, and black, the pop of vibrant green is instantly eye catching. In order to the keep the plants alive and thriving indoors, creative measures must be taken. Here, a skylight above the wall allows for natural sunlight to stream in all day.

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  • Visualizer: Zooi Design
The next home shows just how far you can go with matching the tone of a room by choosing the right plants. Rather than the most bright, lush green, these muted leaves fit in more seamlessly with the rest of the home’s design. The green and yellow also work well together as a pretty pair that’s as natural as lemons and limes. Clever details like the throw pillow on the rocking chair help to tie the theme together.

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  • Designer: Juliya Butova
In the final space, a vertical garden of fluffy moss is just one of the instances of indoor nature. Another plat spills from atop the refrigerator and potted cacti stand on a kitchen shelf. The kitchen table is a cornucopia of fruit and flowers, each item bringing its own unique color to the bright, modern home.

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