Flying Saucer Shaped House Takes Design to New Heights

Flying Saucer Shaped House Takes Design to New Heights

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like not just to see a flying saucer but to actually go inside of one? Or even better, to live inside? This amazing eco-friendly house in New Paltz, NY could be your dream home. Although the wood construction would likely not survive long in outer space, it creates the perfect aesthetic for its real rustic location on 28 acres of wooded seclusion. One look inside and you can tell this is a home for the style conscious with a love of nature who needs a space to be all their own.

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The stunning interior features 10 foot tall ceilings at its peak. The home overall has 2300 square feet (213 square meters) of living space, including three bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

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The open floor plan gives the home a very open and airy feel, which is only amplified by the stunning windows that climb up the sides of the dome. In a fascinating design choice, the dome itself actually rotates (via remote control and solar power) to give the house maximum (or minimum) sunlight throughout the day.

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The upstairs of the home contains a guest bedroom and full bath as well as a home office and library and can be reached only by a sweeping central staircase. The first level is home to the master suite

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The exterior of the home is surrounded by 40 feet worth of deck that curves around the dome shape. The extra acreage offers plenty by way of privacy for truly enjoying the outdoors in any weather, even in the private hot tub.

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Interested in buying this house? It’s yours if you are ready to spend a million dollars.

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