Minimalist Inspirations from Oporski Architektura

Minimalist Inspirations from Oporski Architektura

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This is hardly the first time we have mentioned minimalism on this blog, but few designers do minimalism quite as well as those at Oporski Architektura, who we have featured before. Every room in these homes doesnt just have a place for everything, it has only the most basic, most necessary things. This goes for color as well. Every surface here is a different shade of white or gray, almost without exception. The resulting homes are not just minimalist, they feel like a long exhale because their simplicity is ultimately calming and inspiring at the same time.

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The first house is located in Wroclaw and draws heavily a dark gray color palette. The main living area features a dark gray modular sofa with cushions that can easily be swapped and slid and removed according to an individual’s comfort level.

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The geometric chairs match the overall gray theme of the house but the intricate design pattern brings interest and breaks up the otherwise perpendicular lines.

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Intersecting lines are also a thematic element in this particular home, reflected on the area rug in the living room as well as the creative shelving.

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The next house uses a light natural wood as its neutral element, which is paired with white throughout the space. Rather than bring geometric patterns in through the use of shelving and chairs, as in the previous home, the designers have chosen hanging light fixtures and lucite to add texture.

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Of course, minimalism is still rampant here with starkly squared off platform beds and ottomans as well as simple dowel room dividers.

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In the bathroom a pair of square pedestal sinks act as reflections of one another while a sharply rectangular bathtub is perhaps less than inviting, but easy enough to sacrifice a bit of comfort for this obsessive style.

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The final home in this collection is an apartment by the sea, designed for a couple who frequently entertains friends. Of course, any friend who would deign to enter this white house best remove their shoes and not expect to be served any cabernet. While there is plenty of cozy seating, it is an off putting shade of bright white that would certainly show any spill or stain.

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Again the bedroom features right angles galore with nary a pillow or headboard in sight. There is no telling what the occupants choose to do when they actually sleep here, but perhaps the style conscious residents of an Oporski home simply levitate a few inches off the bed in order to sleep and keep the sheets wrinkle free.

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The reclaimed wood dining table is certainly a centerpiece in this stylish home. The lucite chairs around it actually do make it look like it is floating in mid air, just waiting to host a vegan dinner party.

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