Sunlight Streams into Bathrooms Connected to Nature

Sunlight Streams into Bathrooms Connected to Nature

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These bathrooms and bathing areas definitely take the stance that relaxation is important. The elements that have attracted and pleased humans through the ages are all here. Water, fire, a connection to nature while being sheltered from the elements and a high point from which to view an expansive vista.

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In this Hawaiian bathroom, the user is forced to slow down, stepping carefully along a pathway across a modernist pond to reach the deep soaking tub. From the lower point of view in the tub, there’s still plenty to see, as the bathroom sink and counter have been cantilevered to float, so as not to cut off the view.

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Indonesian designer Iwan Sastrawiguna mixes nature as well as spirituality in this bathing area.

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  • Architect: Emara studio
  • Visualizer: Basem Mohsen
While it is much more refined and urban than the previous pictures, we can still see that humans crave some nature in their relaxation spaces, with abundant use of plants, bouquets, and the ancient element of fire, not to mention the natural wood floor.

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Likewise with this room by Brazilian visualization team AX2 Studio, the potential sterility of pure shining white is naturalized with the addition of moss-green accessories and a few plants.

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  • Architect: LeKS Architects
Kiev firm LeKS Architects designed this gorgeous modernist tub for two with comfortable backrests, natural wood finishes and decorative candles, in addition to a built-in planter, a softly lit side panel on the tub and huge windows, again connecting the private act of bathing with the greater world outside.

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This generous tub with steam flowing out of a window onto nature was visualized by Madrid’s 24 Studio complete with romantic red rose petals and candlelight.

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Koj Designs of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam almost places the tub in the bedroom, separated only by a transparent glass wall along with natural stone, an outdoor vista, and decorative candles. This is in harmony with the Asian concept of the tub as a place for relaxation, separate from getting clean and going to the toilet.

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Cornwall, UK TigerX CGI animation studio gives the tub a nature-inspired shape, a terrific view, and surroundings of wood and polished stone.

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We start to see a pattern; where nature is directly connected without windows in between, you can bet it’s a tropical location. Surabaya, Indonesia’s 2G Studio is no exception with this tropical grotto providing natural light to a room designed for keeping cool.

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Oro, Mexico’s 4th Studio visualizes a minimalist room with five different natural wood finishes to accompany the sleek ultra modern white ceramic fixtures.

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From Valencia, Spain, Cuantico‘s 3D bath visualization combines a vista of deck and rolling hills with rough-hewn board floors and modern outdoor chairs. Verdant natural elements include potted cacti, succulents, a tree, tropical plants and vines, as well as a focal point oculus to let in more natural light and a sculptural rough stone in the foreground.

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Back to Hawaii, where Willman Interiors provides a sliding glass door/wall to separate two showers – one indoors and one out, so one can always get clean before soaking in privacy while looking out onto a walled courtyard of tropical vegetation, rain or shine.

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Kiev, Ukranian freelance architectural visualizer Oleg Suzdalev shows his creation by day and by night. Showering takes place standing on a wooden floor (today’s wood finishes make this possible where wood could not be exposed to so much water decades ago) enclosed in a nearly invisible glass booth. Still on this smooth, warm surface, one can walk to the bath, but from the front it appears to be surrounded by rocks, naturally rounded by the action of water and sand. Under a rockscape like this, drainage can be hidden so that a tub filled to overflowing is no problem.

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Minimalism isn’t without blossoms for Poland’s be3design.

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  • Visualizer: Ale Kocsis
From Curitiba, Brazil, this artist brings us a raised vista, abundant wood, and in the Brazilian tradition, a beautiful woman.

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  • Visualizer: Blalank Visualization
This visualization from Jakarta, Indonesia presents possibly the least nature-related bath in this collection, but with a large window, a rose in a vase, and abundant natural stone finishes, nature is still present.

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  • Visualizer: Antonina
This design features some very cool accents in the form of glowing planters and ceramic jar-inspired toilet and bidet. Unfortunately, interior design clients, concerned with the logistics of wax removal are not usually as fond of the artistry involved in creating realistic candle drips as 3D visualization artists are!

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  • Visualizer: Oleg Trofimov
From Russia with love comes this indoor garden featuring climbing and draping vines, even on the martini table. We’re not sure about including an old-fashioned non-waterproof telephone and a Barcelona chair in a bathroom… the chair is too relaxed to change in, but not relaxed enough to stretch out on after a hot bath, but to each, his or her own!

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A skylight throws natural light onto wooden wall accents and floor in this visualization by 2G Studio

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Indonesian photographer Gala Indiga took this shot of a modernist jungle bathroom. Water streaming into the tub from above would make for an excellent massage!

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..and in our final salute to nature in the bathroom, a highly unusual tub carved by artist Mario Dasso from a single tree felled by natural causes. Located in Mio Buenos Aires luxury hotel, it is our only tub in this set from Argentina. The video below shows how the hotel’s tubs were hand crafted. The interiors of the hotel were designed by Beasley Henley Interior Design of Florida, U.S.A.

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