Asian Apartment With Neutral Decor

Asian Apartment With Neutral Decor

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This is another beautiful home design, created by WCH Interior, that demonstrates ways in which to make a neutral, understated palette convey a sophisticated and sleek image, with the original intent being to reduce excessive decoration materials, and decorated in soft to render the users lifestyle and the basic tones restricted to three colors of white, black, and natural.

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The pale walls of this home may stand a little bland on their own, but once heavier notes of black are added to punctuate the paleness a harmonious balance of hues is reached.

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A large piece of wall art is allowed to speak volumes in this serene setting.

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The placement of this home work area allows the desk to be out of sight and out of mind whilst relaxing on the sofa at the end of a tough day, but also allows the workplace to a part of the room when in use, and even enables a clear view of the television.

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A geometrically cut room divider adds a visual interest to the approach of this lounge space, and plays upon the hard edged design and colorway of the contemporary sofa perfectly.

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On the other side of the room divider, a slick kitchen also echoes the rectangular design in the simplicity of its handleless drawers and units, and a multi-sectioned skylight. The super-sleek swivel bar stools emphasize the minimalist influence.

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In the bedroom the pale palette teamed with black accents continues all the way into the master ensuite.

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