Inside Ferraris Factory in Maranello, Italy

Inside Ferraris Factory in Maranello, Italy

Okay, we admit. It is going to take one heck of a write up to connect a Ferrari factory to anything ‘home’ and we are not even bothering. But this is something we thought you just wouldn’t want to miss: Ferrari’s state-of-the-art factory, in Maranello, Italy.

No public tours are offered at this facility and only a privileged few have access. The supercar’s production process is a curious combination of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. At the assembly line one can see the construction from raw car to a complete, computer-diagnosed product. Rigorous testing follows and everything from the usual torque and power curve to air/fuel is carefully monitored, as in exhaust or emissions. Workers in full Ferrari-red regalia work around their work stations, smiles on their faces, and a tune whistling from their lips. Images and video below: (If you are reading this through email click here to view the video: 2010/04/ferrari-factory-interior )

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Watch the video: Inside Ferraris Factory in Maranello Italy (January 2022).