Laundry Room Storage, Organization and Inspiration

Laundry Room Storage, Organization and Inspiration

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Laundry rooms are typically a home organizer’s nightmare. They are those little messy rooms that just keep getting cluttered no matter how hard you try to organize them. Here are few simple and bright ideas to helpy you make your laundry room a better and more inviting place.


Tips for Designing a Laundry Room

1). Good lighting – Lighting up the laundry area can bring up a dramatic difference in the space. Also having windows through which light and air can flow in would be a good boost to the whole washing experience.


2). Orderly Arrangement – Like any other room, unnecessary clutter can give the space a dirty look. Having a closed basket for dumping soiled clothes rather than heaping them on the floor or inside the cabinet would give a more organized look.

3) Having overhead closed cabinet spaces gives more space and scope for artistic and creative ideas to flow. The cabinets can be painted in creative designs and colors to bring life to the area.

4). Keeping detergents, sewing kit, laundry shampoos, starch and other such items needed in the laundry room within cabinets gives it easier access and avoids using up other storing spaces in the house.

5). The wall attached ironing board is an ideal option for laundry areas with less space. Having the iron box in the laundry room ensures that clothes leave the laundry room in wearable form.

6). Like any other area of your house, you can add to the ambience of the laundry room or area with potted plants, different color patterns.

Bring out your music system to your Laundry area , let the music play or get that book you always wanted to read and enjoy it while your clothes spin. Laundry time would never be a chore again!!

Laundry Room Design Ideas and Pictures

Above two are from Electrolux.

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